Pinterest Fail

Okay, last week I wrote about how I’m staying away from Pinterest.

And….wouldn’t you know it?  I kept seeing Pinterest stuff everywhere!

Not ideas of great stuff I was missing out on, but laugh out loud epic fails!  Something some poor soul found on Pinterest and then horribly mangled in their attempt to duplicate it.

For instance, there’s this gem that just makes me shake my head, because I’ve made these before and they’re not hard.  As in…ridiculously easy.  Put a Hershey’s kiss on a pretzel twist, bake in the oven for a few minutes to soften the chocolate, and then press down with an M&M.  Simple, right?


Yeah, apparently, not so simple!  And also….photography isn’t their thing either.

But this next one was my favorite, because honestly, did this person even really try?


I had to look at this photo for a full minute before accepting that someone, somewhere, REALLY thought that writing “yarn” would be the same as piping colored “yarn” onto the cupcake.  Oh. My. Goodness.

I’m still not tempted to join Pinterest, but I have discovered a quick cure for those “bad crafts blues”!

The next few days, when all my super crafty friends are posting photos of their crafty Halloween costumes, party decorations, and adorable snacks?  I’m going to find one of these Pinterest Fails and remember that, just like there is always someone who can do crafts better then me, there are also people who can do them much, much worse!

BONUS!  As a little Halloween “treat” for you, I’m sharing THIS LINK to a BuzzFeed article showing a collection of some of the best ever Pinterest fails!  But be warned…this is not something to do at work, or while having a snack.  We’re talking laugh out loud failure here, and I don’t want anyone choking or disturbing the coworkers!


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